1.1 Generational Marketing | How it works on Baby Boomers

We all know that it’s not easy to acquire customers. We try to get their attention with different marketing strategies and convert them through many emails, in hope that they’ll buy our product. It’s harder when you’re trying to sell a product to versatile demographics. A person with 50+ age is not familiar with digital marketing and he is  going to behave very separately to a social media ad than a person who is just 20 years and knows well about digital marketing tactics. 

how marketing works on baby boomers
generational marketing

Most of the companies do not focus on targeting the baby boomers as it’s not easy to sell them a product online, they do not even believe in virtual stores. Now I would like to suggest some tips to capture that gap. 

Cash their Brand Loyalty

My aged aunts and uncles fit into the Boomer generation, and I have learned from their shopping habits as they have a strong belief in brands which they have already purchased. To make your product / brand good enough in boomers view, you have to make a good quality product which lasts for a long time as they do not change frequently. Now. If your product is of great quality and will be necessary for an indefinite amount of time, you are able to acquire some Boomers as customers.

Try to Up-Sell

Upselling is actually  a sales technique where a seller tries to add more related products or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. Boomers like to know the value of a service and check how it will make them comfortable without feeling forced.

Skip the Discounts

Baby Boomers are in the age of retirement or have been enjoying retirement for a few years. This is the time they’ve worked hard to achieve. They do not want to make much savings now and try to buy most of the products which provide them value not much concern about the price. So try to place related products on top racks. Do not cut the price and do not compromise the quality.

Offer Cash-Back

Cash back can be a little commitment for those who aren’t trying to spend a huge amount of money to earn it. Luckily, Boomers used to spend enough at specific places that cash-back programs have a good gesture. Most of the boomers find a great value when they get cash backs and it also helps increase brand loyalty in case of them. And increasing brand loyalty ultimately refers to purchase again from that specific brand.  So, cash backs have a great impact on boomers. 

If It Ain’t Broke, Try not to Repair

This generation is most open to conventional marketing and sales strategy. Boomers  want to talk to an actual person before they make a purchase but don’t call late at night! Marketing strategies seen as interrupting  on their personal lives are not considered ethical, but traditional television and newspaper ads are good enough. Don’t try to interrupt their traditional ways of thinking as it does not leave a good impact on their buying behaviour. Do not try to fix their behaviour, try to fix your strategy according to them. 

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